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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCHSET 00/15] perf report: Add support to accumulate hist periods
On 10/29/12 12:08 PM, Peter Zijlstra wrote:

> Right, so I tried this and I would expect the callchains to be inverted
> too, so that when I expand say 'c' I would see that 'c' calls 'b' for
> 100% which calls 'a' for 100%.
> Instead I get the regular callchains, expanding 'c' gives me main calls
> it for 100%.
> Adding -G (invert callchains) doesn't make it better, in that case, when
> I expand 'c' we start at '__libc_start_main' instead of 'c'.
> Is there anything I'm missing?

Sounds like a reasonable expectation.

I tested mainly:

perf report --cumulate -g graph,100,callee

to find the functions with a large amount of CPU time underneath. Then
examined the callgraph without --cumulate. But yeah - it'd be nice to be
able to do both in a single invocation.

Also, when callgraphs are displayed, the percentages are off (> 100%).
Namhyung probably needs to use he->stat_acc->period in a few places as
the denominator instead of he->period.


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