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SubjectDebugging system freezes on filesystem writes

I have a big problem with the system freezing and would appreciate any
help on debugging this and pinpointing where exactly the problem is, so
it could be fixed.

So, whenever I write to the disk the system comes to a crawl or freezes
altogether. This happens even when the writing processes are running on
nice '19' and ionice 'idle'. (E.g. a 10 second compile could freeze the
system for several minutes, rendering the computer pretty much unusable
for anything interesting.)

Here you can see a 20 second gap even in superhigh priority:
# nice -n -20 ionice -c1 iostat -t -m -d -x 1 >

I'm currently running 3.5.0-17-lowlatency on the ZenBook UX31E, using
the NOOP I/O scheduler on the SanDisk SSD U100. The chipset seems to be
Intel QS67. I've had this same problem on 3.2.0 generic and lowlatency

The syslog says nothing relevant before/during/after these freezes.

Any ideas on finding the culprit?


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