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SubjectRe: Apparent serious progressive ext4 data corruption bug in 3.6.3 (and other stable branches?)
Am 24.10.2012 00:19, schrieb Theodore Ts'o:
> [...]
> The reason why the problem happens rarely is that the effect of the
> buggy commit is that if the journal's starting block is zero, we fail
> to truncate the journal when we unmount the file system. This can
> happen if we mount and then unmount the file system fairly quickly,
> before the log has a chance to wrap. After the first time this has
> happened, it's not a disaster, since when we replay the journal, we'll
> just replay some extra transactions. But if this happens twice, the
> oldest valid transaction will still not have gotten updated, but some
> of the newer transactions from the last mount session will have gotten
> written by the very latest transacitons, and when we then try to do
> the extra transaction replays, the metadata blocks can end up getting
> very scrambled indeed.
> [...]

As a "normal linux user" I'm interested in the practical things to do
now to avoid data loss. I'm running several systems with 3.6.2 and ext4.
Fearing loss of data:
- Is there a way to see whether the journal of a specific partition has
been wrapped (since mounting) so that umounting and mounting (or doing a
reboot to downgrade the kernel) is safe?
- Is there a way to "force" a journal-wrap? Run any
filesystem-benchmark? Which one with what parameters? Or is it unwise
since I might even further corrupt data if I hit the case already?
- Is it wise to umount now and run e2fsck or might I corrupt my files
just by umounting now if the journal hasn't wrapped yet?
- How do you define "fairly quickly"? Of course servers run 24/7 but I
might be using my PC 2-5 hrs a day... Is that a "reboot to soon after
- Any more advice you can give to the ordinary user to avoid
fs-corruption? Don't shut down machines for some days? Better down- or
upgrade the kernel?

Best regards,
Jannis Achstetter

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