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SubjectRe: ath9k crash 3.2-rc7
2012/1/9 MR <>:
>  >> So, I am building 3.2 with two patches: over/under-flow catcher (pity
>  >that
>  >> it seems to be on a multiple-times-per-second codepath and just leaving
>  >the
>  > > checks there for everyone is suboptimal) and allegedely proper fix. Both
>  > > applied OK with a small offset.
>  >
>  > as per our assumption, we should not see those over/underflow errors,
>  > with the patch
>  > above mentioned. please let us know if you hit upon this warnings,
>  > even after the proper fix.
> In my experience (and as I understand the situation) if garbage is writen to
> the "chan", it is caught by the check and device is dead-until-reboot anyway.
> On 3.0, even without checks device was dead-until-reboot, but no crash
> happened. All these checks do is converting "panic" to "WiFi broken" for 3.2.

true those checks are to confirm that 'chan' is corrupted and the
patch is to fix it.

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