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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86,sched: Fix sched_smt_power_savings totally broken

> Youquan, As far as I know both the
> sched_smt_power_savings/sched_mc_power_savings are broken for atleast an
> year.
> Have you checked the state of 'sched_mc_power_savings' to see if it is
> working or gets addressed with your proposed patches?
Thanks Suresh!

We have verified that sched_mc_power_savings works well in mainline and
-tip tree, only sched_smt_power_savings broken.

Sorry. My proposed patch last night still need be refreshed. After I closely look
at SD_PREFER_SIBLING logic, there is possible a fighting which Peter has
mentioned it.

I will post a update patch soon.


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