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SubjectRe: [Bug 41722] Clevo M5X0JE hangs in ACPI init
Hi, Bjorn and others,

Now that bugzilla is up, I think that I can resume testing things on
that problematic notebook that I mentioned in earlier e-mails, so that
mom (in CC) can use her notebook with Linux.

For the record, *some* description of the problem is at:


The first one is a regression that I bisected, while the second one
seems to be a bit harder to understand for a layman like me.

Of couse, I can summarize what I found and what I didn't.

Sorry for the top-posting, but it is here to keep the context of the
previous message.

Rogério Brito.

On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 19:22, <> wrote:
> --- Comment #15 from Rogério Brito <>  2011-09-06 22:22:44 ---
> Dear Bjorn,
> Sorry for not responding promptly but I had some family members with health
> problems. Things are settling right now and I think that I can be faster now.
> (In reply to comment #14)
>> So it looks like 2.4.27 doesn't even try to enable ACPI mode, and 2.6.8 hangs
>> the same way as 3.1.0-rc3.
> Yes, exactly.
>> Can you try 2.6.28?  If that doesn't boot, try the Ubuntu 9.04 kernel, which
>> was reported to boot on your machine/BIOS.
> Unfortunately, I tried to boot with that version of the Ubuntu live CD and it
> crashed the same way. I may try it once again, paying more attention if it
> behaves differently in any kind of way, though.
> Oh, talking about PCI and ACPI failing, could you take a look at issue #41132
> to see if you can help with another machine that stopped working after a commit
> that I bisected?
> Thanks,
> Rogério Brito.
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