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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] ethernet/pch_gbe: Change company name OKI SEMICONDUCTOR to LAPIS Semiconductor
Hi David

I can understand your saying.

If I post like below, is this patch acceptable for you ?

BTW, I think need consistency for "Change company/product name" as a
whole of linux.
Because other patches for the same series "change company name" I
posted have already accepted.
e.g.(GPIO, USB device, DMA, UART, I2C)


2012/1/31 David Miller <>:
> Sorry, we're not going to get into this pattern where we move drivers
> around in the tree every time the company that produces the chip
> changes it's name.
> If we did this then certain drivers will have moved 5 or more times
> since the beginning of the Linux kernel, and there is nothing to be
> gained from that except confusion.
> In fact more valuable thing to do is to refer to both the old and the
> new name, rather than just the new one or just the old one.  Because
> you now have two sets of users, one very large set which is familiar
> with the old name and a smaller set which will only know about the new
> name.
> Frankly, I would just leave everything alone except perhaps adding a
> mention of the new name (and not deleting the old name) in the Kconfig
> help text.
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