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SubjectRE: 3.3.0-rc1+ (Linus GIT) - iwlwifi losing connection regularly.
Hi Miles,

Thanks for the detailed bug description.

> I find that with builds of Linus GIT over the last week or so I need
> to rmmod and insmod the iwlwifi driver about once every ten minutes.
> When the connection stops working, networkmanager still shows the
> connection as active, but no data is getting through (Web, pings,
> etc).
> I enabled full debug output and here is a sample of kern.log that
> stretches from a point in time when the connection was working through
> past when it failed.
> Please let me know if I can help debug this further. I don't have
> time to do a bisection, unfortunately.

Quite a few people reported an issue that I think can be solved by the patch attached.
Would you mind try and report ?
Intel Israel (74) Limited

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