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SubjectRe: Regulator update for 3.3
On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 9:43 AM, Mark Brown
<> wrote:
>> Forgot to push?
> Not quite, I had pushed a new signed tag but I hadn't deleted the old
> for-linus branch (which you had merged).  Since git prefers branches
> to tags when pulling it was looking at the old branch and ignoring the
> signed tag.  Should be cleaned up now, at least I deleted the branch and
> everything looks OK in gitweb.

Ok. You could also have asked me to pull "tags/for-linus" to
disambiguate. That has the advantage that I think it even works with
older versions of git - they'll get the tag, then ignore the tag
information, and do the merge of just the commit the tag points to.

> I actually noticed this with some other things I was doing, what I think
> I want git to do when working with signed tags is allow me to have a tag
> with the same name as the branch and prefer the tag rather than the
> branch.  That way I can tell people to pull from a given name and it'll
> do the right thing if they're using a git that understands pulling from
> tags or not.  Either that or complain bitterly and mock me if I'm so
> foolish as to have a tag and branch with the same name.

I won't mock you (*this* time), but I think the "tags/for-linus"
approach is better, as it should work regardless of git version.

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