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SubjectRe: Regression 3.2 -> 3.3-rc1 sound hda-intel broken
Dear Takashi,

On So, 29 Jan 2012, Takashi Iwai wrote:
> Could you check whether reverting hda_intel.c to 3.2 fixes the
> problem? If not, try to revert all files in sound/pci/hda/*.[ch]
> to3.2, i.e. for checking whether it's a regression in hd-audio driver
> or somewhere else.

I posted to the bug tracker just now, but with later git kernels
(2d3c7efa5, 2 days ago), I don't see that phenomenon anymore, so
I suggest to close this bug.

If you still are interested in tests, please let me know.

Best wishes

Norbert Preining preining@{,,}
JAIST, Japan TeX Live & Debian Developer
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