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SubjectRe: /proc/[pid]/mem write implications
On 01/29/2012 09:32 AM, Bryan Jacobs wrote:
> Dear LKML,
> I have a few questions on the recent change to allow writing
> to /proc/[pid]/mem. If I understand correctly, the recent
> privilege-escalation vulnerability was fundamentally caused by
> incorrectly verifying that the memory being written to by a process was
> its own. The goal was to only allow processes to write to their own
> memory space - this was deemed harmless.

Well, the more fundamental vulnerability is the check was done in
write(2) instead of open(2), which leaves a window for exploits.

> But I think that allowing arbitrary processes to write to **their own**
> memory via a file descriptor might in itself be problematic. Please,
> help me understand how this is safe.

You will have a sysctl to control if it is writable.


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