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    SubjectRe: security_path hooks for xattr
    On 01/26/2012 04:45 AM, Miklos Szeredi wrote:
    > Forwarding from an internal bug report:
    > "AppArmor does not mediate the xattr system calls for confined processes.
    > As a consequence, a confined process can cross the confinement privilege
    > boundary by reading or writing to extended attributes that the confined
    > task should not have access to. The restrictions for security and user
    > attributes read and write still apply according to DAC; however, this
    > does not comply with the claim of AppArmor to mediate fipe
    > operations. The use of extended attributes is very flexible, so that the
    > effect of a missing mediation can lead to false assumptions in
    > subsequent policy decisions (eCryptfs)."
    > AFAIU this boils down to missing security hooks in *xattr().
    > Would it be possible to add these hooks?
    right, this is something we lost when we moved to the security_path hooks and
    while we have spent some time looking at the problem, we haven't addressed it

    New hooks would certainly be the easiest solution. I looked at it back when
    I initially did the port, and considered proposing new hooks at the time, but
    for various reasons it was decided to separate that from the main apparmor
    submission, and I haven't had a chance to revisit this since.

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