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SubjectRe: iwlagn is getting even worse with 3.3-rc1
On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 16:22, Norbert Preining <> wrote:
> Hi Emmanuel,
> On Mo, 23 Jan 2012, Emmanuel Grumbach wrote:
>> Can you please run with debug flags 0x80000000 ?
> Here we go. Booting into 3.3-rc1 tries to connect, the connection seems
> to be established, but nothing actually goes out/in.
> Main problem seems to be:
>        iwlagn_tx_agg_stop Can't proceed: ssn 340, next_recl = 329
> rfkill block wifi ; sleep 10; rfkill unblock wifi
> helps.
> I attach the dmesg of all wifi related things since boot.

yeah... looks like the same issue as Dave. Can you please try with 0xc0000000 ?
it will be noisy so be prepared...

I will send a patch to clarify one thing about mgmt frames, but as I
said I am not in my office until end of next week.
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