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SubjectRe: [PATCH] regulator: Set apply_uV only when min and max voltages are defined
On 25.01.2012 10:31, Karol Lewandowski wrote:
> apply_uV is errornously set when regulator is instantiated from device
> tree, even when it doesn't contain any voltage constraints.
> - if (constraints->min_uV == constraints->max_uV)
> + if (min_uV&& max_uV&& constraints->min_uV == constraints->max_uV)
> constraints->apply_uV = true;

While this fixes obvious error I doubt that apply_uV should be set based
on min max equality. It have required fix to fixed regulator[1]
as well for max8997[2]. It'll probably require fixes in other places too.

Wouldn't it be better to explicitly use property like
"regulator-voltage-apply" in DT to set apply_uV?

if (min_uV && max_uV && constraints->min_uV == constraints->max_uV
&& of_find_property "regulator-voltage-apply")
constraints->apply_uV = true;

This would be consistent with handling of this flag from platform data.


Karol Lewandowski | Samsung Poland R&D Center | Linux/Platform

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