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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 3.2 2/9] uprobes: handle breakpoint and signal step exception.
> >>
> >> One question that could be asked is why arent we using instruction_pointer
> >> instead of GET_IP since instruction_pointer is being defined in 25
> >> places and with references in 120 places.
> >
> > i think you misunderstand the point.  {G,S}ET_IP() is the glue between the
> > arch's pt_regs struct and the public facing API.  the only people who should
> > be touching those macros are the ptrace core.  instruction_pointer() and
> > instruction_pointer_set() are the API that asm/ptrace.h exports to the rest of
> > the tree.
> Srikar: does that make sense ? i'm happy to help with improving
> asm-generic/ptrace.h.
> -mike

Yes, I think it makes sense. I have modified the code to use
instruction_pointer_set instead of set_instruction_pointer.

Thanks and Regards

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