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SubjectRe: [v2] Re: [091/129] block: fail SCSI passthrough ioctls on partition devices
On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, Greg KH wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 05:43:50PM +0100, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> > > You need to return -ENOTTY from scsi_verify_blk_ioctl and -ENOIOCTLCMD from
> > > sd_compat_ioctl, because -ENOIOCTLCMD will not be handled correctly by
> > > block/ioctl.c. This would break BLKROSET and BLKFLSBUF done by non-root
> > > but with the appropriate capabilities.
> > >
> > > Fixed patch follows. If you prefer that I send an interdiff, let me know.
> Wait, why do you want the stable trees to diverge from what is in
> Linus's tree with regards to the error codes being returned?
> That doesn't seem safe, or sane.
> So for now, I'm going to follow what is in Linus's tree. If you
> need/want the error codes to be different, then shouldn't it also be
> done there as well?

May be because the stable trees do not have
07d106d0a33d6063d2061305903deb02489eba20? "vfs: fix up ENOIOCTLCMD error


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