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    SubjectRe: [patch v3, kernel version 3.2.1] Source mode for macvlan interface
    Dňa 25. januára 2012 7:29, Eric Dumazet <> napísal/a:
    > Le mercredi 25 janvier 2012 à 07:22 +0100, Štefan Gula a écrit :
    >> It's a result of need to have enough space allocated for sk_buff
    >> struct before called macvlan_fill_info. I know that it looks somehow
    >> messy. BUt before the macvlan_fill_info is called there is only one
    >> procedure calcit. The problem of calcit is that it doesn't have access
    >> to struct net_device *dev int it. It has only access to struct sk_buff
    >> *skb, so from that point it cannot be called directly (whole parsing
    >> code had to be copied there to get the *dev a calling
    >> if_nlmsg_size(dev) from it. On the other hand calcit returns global
    >> static value of min_ifinfo_dump_size and that is shared among all
    >> interfaces and modifying like this do the job properly. There was
    >> another different way and that was creating and registering a whole
    >> new PF_MACLVAN netlink group resulting in copying almost 95% percent
    >> of given code and modified it somehow to do the same.
    >> If it should be result of separate commitment than ok, but it was
    >> result apparently of need only for use of macvlan that's why it was
    >> included in my patch.
    >> So how should I proceed with it?
    > A separate patch for this part, as David said ?
    > The intent is to catch people attention on a particular point, instead
    > of unnoticed code in some huge unrelated patch.
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