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SubjectRe: Removal of unwanted comment in hrtimer structure
On Mon, 23 Jan 2012, Namit Gupta wrote:

> Dear Mr Thomas Gleixner,
> While working on hrtimer, I found that the "_expires" field has been
> removed in latest kernel (kernel 3.x). but the comment written for
> "_expires" has yet not been removed.

There is no comment for the _expires field. The comment talks about
node and the struct element node.expires which replaced _expires, but
still has the same semantics as the old _expires field. So the comment
is correct and stays.

> /**
> * struct hrtimer - the basic hrtimer structure
> - * @node: timerqueue node, which also manages node.expires,
> - * the absolute expiry time in the hrtimers internal
> - * representation. The time is related to the clock on
> - * which the timer is based. Is setup by adding
> - * slack to the _softexpires value. For non range timers
> - * identical to _softexpires.
> + * @node: timerqueue node, which also manages node

Aside of that this comment is wrong and pointless. It says:

@A: bla A, which also manages A

Pretty useless.



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