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    Subject[PATCH v2 -mm 0/3] kswapd vs compaction improvements
    Running a kernel with compaction enabled with some memory pressure has
    caused my system to run into all kinds of trouble.

    One of the more obvious problems is that while kswapd does not try to
    free contiguous pages when CONFIG_COMPACTION is enabled, it does
    continue reclaiming until enough contiguous pages have become available.
    This can lead to enormous swap storms, where lots of memory is freed
    and a fair amount of the working set can end up in swap.

    A second problem is that memory compaction currently does nothing for
    network allocations in the receive path, for eg. jumbo frames, because
    those are done in interrupt context. In the past we have tried to
    have kswapd invoke memory compaction, but it used too much CPU time.
    The second patch in this series has kswapd invoke compaction very
    carefully, taking in account the desired page order, as well as

    I have tested these patches on my system, and things seem to behave
    well. Any tests and reviews would be appreciated.

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