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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Regression: Revert "Bluetooth: use buffer priority to mark URB_ISO_ASAP flag"
    Hi Keith,

    > URB_ISO_ASAP may only be used with iso end points, but this patch was
    > attempting to use it with a bulk endpoint. When DEBUG is defined in
    > the USB stack, it checks for invalid flags and returns -EINVAL instead
    > of actually transmitting the data.
    > Signed-off-by: Keith Packard <>
    > ---

    a version of this patch should be already upstream or in stable trees.
    If you are sending this again, then it might slipped through. Johan?

    > Ok, so this is a comedy of errors. The Bluetooth code is trying to use
    > an iso-specific flag (URB_ISO_ASAP) on a bulk endpoint, which is
    > invalid, but normally harmless. Unless the USB code is compiled for
    > debugging, in which case it checks a bunch for incorrect usage and
    > discards URBs which are wrong.
    > As far as I'm concerned, #ifdef DEBUG code should never ever change
    > the behaviour of the code, and so I'd say the USB code is even more
    > broken than the bluetooth code...

    And yes, this one is hilarious.



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