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SubjectRe: Compat 32-bit syscall entry from 64-bit task!?
In arch_ptrace, task_user_regset_view is called on current.  On an x86-64
kernel, that path is only reached for a 64-bit syscall. compat_arch_ptrace
doesn't use it at all, always using the 32-bit view. So your change would
have no effect on PTRACE_GETREGS.

It would only affect PTRACE_GETREGSET, which calls task_user_regset_view on
the target task. Is that what you meant? I think that would be confusing
at best. A caller of PTRACE_GETREGSET is expecting a particular layout
based on what type of task he thinks he's dealing with. The caller can
look at the iov_len in the result to discern which layout it actually got
filled in, but I don't think that's what callers expect.

The other use of task_user_regset_view is in core dump
(binfmt_elf.c:fill_note_info). Off hand I don't think there's a way a core
dump can be started while still "inside" a syscall so that TS_COMPAT could
ever be set. But that should be double-checked.

As to whether it was considered before, I doubt that it was. I don't
really recall the sequence of events, but I think that I did all the
user_regset code before I was really cognizant of the TS_COMPAT subtleties.


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