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SubjectRe: [RFC] syscalls, x86: Add __NR_kcmp syscall
On 01/20/2012 08:29 AM, Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
> We've had kind of emergency pool before which were used in such cases.
> These legitime cases can happen not that frequently, so I guess -- can
> we use it again?
> if (cookies[i][j])
> continue;
> else
> cookies[i][j] = some-value;
> One wont know which exactly values we were using.

I would not worry about get_random_bytes() returning nothing... if so, a
lot of other places in the kernel would be broken.

>> The other thing is that for the multiplicative cookie you should OR in
>> the value (~(~0UL>> 1) | 1) in order to make sure that the value is (a)
>> large and (b) odd.
> I see, i'll update (at first, I occasionally translated odd as 'even' which
> made me really scratching the head, until I realized it's 'odd'! :)
> Cyrill

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