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SubjectRe: /etc/fstab.d yes or not
> I'd like to add support for /etc/fstab.d to libmount. The library is
> currently used by mount, umount and mount.nfs. The goal is to use it
> on more places.
> The /etc/fstab.d directory has been requested by people who maintains
> large number of mountpoints etc.
> The directory is not replacement for /etc/fstab, it's additional place
> where you can describe your filesystems.
> The disadvantage is that the stuff in the directory will be invisible
> for some tools (udisks, systemd, ...), so I have very vocal
> disagreement from some people who don't want to see /etc/fstab.d at all.

I'm working on systemd to support /etc/fstab.d.

Masatake YAMATO

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