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SubjectRE: races in ipathfs
We are currently investigating this.

Thanks for the review on this issue!


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> Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 3:20 PM
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> Subject: races in ipathfs
> Use of qib_super is seriously racy. qibfs_add() (and worse,
> qibfs_remove()) can happen during qibfs_mount() and qibfs_kill_super().
> 1) CPU1: qib_init_one(). The sucker is allocated and placed
> on the list. CPU2: ipathfs is mounted, directory created. CPU1:
> finally
> gets around to qibfs_add(); by now qib_super is non-NULL and off we go,
> trying to create it again. The worst part is, that code doesn't even
> notice that dentry is there and positive; you silently leak the old
> inode.
> 2) CPU1: qib_init_one(). Allocated the sucker. CPU2: ipathfs
> is getting mounted. Picked the first device off the list, creating
> directory for it. CPU1: inserted new device into the head of the list,
> continued working. Got around to qibfs_add(); qib_super is NULL, so
> we do nothing. CPU2: walked the rest of the list, creating directories
> for all devices. Our device is missed, since we are past that point in
> the list. Worse, shift the timing a bit and it doesn't matter whether
> you add to the head or to the tail of the list - if qibfs_add() happens
> just before we set qib_super, we are screwed again.
> 3) CPU1: qib_remove_one(). CPU2: mount ipathfs is walking that
> list and decides to try and create a directory for the device that is
> being freed. Oops...
> 4) CPU1: qib_init_one() or qib_remove_one(), doesn't matter
> which.
> CPU2: final umount of ipathfs already got through setting sb->s_root to
> NULL but still hadn't set qib_super to the same. Oops... And no,
> moving that qib_super = NULL; up prior to kill_litter_super() won't
> fix the race either, of course.
> AFAICS, the older driver (in hw/ipath) has the same problems.
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