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SubjectRe: [Bug 41722] Clevo M5X0JE hangs in ACPI init
2012/1/19 Rogério Brito <>:
>> yes, please esp need patch.
> With CONFIG_BOOT_PRINTK_DELAY enabled and with "boot_delay=500" on the
> command line, I checked out the for-pci2 branch of your tree and this
> is what I get:
> If you want me to, say, recompile Linus's vanilla tree with only a few
> selected patches, please let me know. I will now try to test some
> other combinations of the options passed to the kernel.

resource allocating for transparent bridge resizing works well and as expected.

looks like quirk for usb hand off cause problem.

can you try another branch in my tree?


it will do usb hand off very early.

you can do:

mkdir linux-2.6 || exit -1
cd linux-2.6

git init-db
# Add Linus's tree as a remote
git remote add linus

git remote add yinghai

git remote update

later will only do:

git remote update

git checkout -b rb_2012_01_19a linus/master
git merge yinghai/usb_smi_disable_early


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