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SubjectRe: [PATCH 16/21] KEYS: PGP-based public key signature verification [ver #3]
On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 2:49 PM, David Howells <> wrote:
> Kasatkin, Dmitry <> wrote:
>> Synchronous hash SHASH is used only for software hash implementation...
>> HW acceleration is not supported by this hash.
>> It is good for short data.
>> But when calculating a hash over long data as files can be,
>> async hash AHASH is a preferred choice as enables HW acceleration.
> Indeed.  The asynchronous hash is a pain to use in the kernel, though, for a
> couple of reasons: kernel addresses don't necessarily correspond to addresses
> the h/w accel will see and you have to handle the h/w not signalling
> completion.  Herbert created shash to make it easier, and for module signing,
> they're perfectly sufficient.

Well, from client side, API is not that more complicate.
It is just about scatterlist. Rest is handled by particular driver/HW.

I agree, modules are not that big and SHASH is perfect choice for that...

>> As in my response to [PATCH 08/21] KEYS: Add signature verification facility
>> [ver #3] It would be nice to have API to pass pre-computed hash, then client
>> might tackle async peculiarities by itself...
> True.  If you can give me the completed hash data, then I don't need to care
> how you managed it.  If you give me an uncompleted hash, I then have to deal
> with the async hash in the kernel.
> It might make sense for me to provide an API call to give you the postamble you
> need to add to the hash to complete it.  That call could also indicate which
> hash you require and could also be combined with the call to find the
> appropriate key.

Indeed, some blob with metadata to update before closing the hash
would work well.

PS.. As I understand, it is PGP spec which requires such processing.
Otherwise, plain data hash could be used to produce another hash for signing,
similar to what has been done in digsig project.... I have used the
same approach for IMA.


> David
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