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SubjectRe: [PATCH] perf: Fix broken build by rearranging some #includes

2012-01-17 11:01 AM, David Daney wrote:
> From: David Daney<>
> When building on my Debian/mips system, util/util.c fails to build
> because commit 1aed2671738785e8f5aea663a6fda91aa7ef59b5 (perf kvm: Do
> guest-only counting by default) indirectly includes stdio.h before the
> feature selection in util.h is done. This prevents _GNU_SOURCE in
> util.h from enabling the declaration of getline(), from now second
> inclusion of stdio.h, and the build is broken.

I've experienced similar problem wrt pwrite() last week. The fix was
simply removing ctype.h from inclusion for my case.

> There is another breakage in util/evsel.c caused by include ordering,
> but I didn't fully track down the commit that caused it.
> Since the #include situation is a little convoluted throughout perf, I
> did the following:
> 1) Always include util/util.h before all other include files.
> 2) Remove all #define _GNU_SOURCE, as it is already done in util.h.
> 3) Remove all #undef _GNU_SOURCE, as they don't do what a naive person
> might expect (or much of anything for that matter) and clutter up
> the source.
> 4) #include ctype.h in util.h, so that ctype things have uniform
> definitions throughout perf.

Among other things, ctype.h isn't needed at all since util.h redefines
all of ctype macros anyway. I've posted a patch which removes ctype.h
inclusions as Ingo's suggestion.

Namhyung Kim

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