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Subject[PATCH -tip v4 0/5] perf script: add BTS analysis features
Hi Frederic, David,

This patch series adds the functions to analyze BTS logs to perf-script and,
makes perf-script more informative version 4.
The patches add the following functions.
- Unify the expression to "[unknown]"
- Fix BTS record header to resolve DSOs and symbols of user-space
- Resolve DSOs and symbols for BTS's branch_from addresses
- Show the offset of symbols with the 'offs' field specifier.
- Resolve the real path of [kernel.kallsym] using
'--show-kernel-path' option.

First, get the BTS log with the following command.
# perf record -e branches:u -c 1 -d <command>

Second, analyze that trace data.
# perf script -f ip,addr,sym,offs,dso [--show-kernel-path]
This command's output format is:
<branch_to addr> <branch_to function+offset> <branch_to DSO> <branch_from addr> <branch_from function+offset> <branch_from DSO>

Output sample:
# perf record -e branches:u -c 1 -d ls
# perf script -f ip,addr,sym,dso,offs --show-kernel-path
402c1c main+0x0 (/root/bin/ls) 3430c21399 __libc_start_main+0xe9 (/lib64/
40b390 set_program_name+0x0 (/root/bin/ls) 402c41 main+0x25 (/root/bin/ls)
40b390 set_program_name+0x0 (/root/bin/ls) ffffffff814ac5ed irq_return+0x0 (/lib/modules/3.2.0+/build/vmlinux)
401e20 strrchr@plt+0x0 (/root/bin/ls) 40b39e set_program_name+0xe (/root/bin/ls)
401e26 strrchr@plt+0x6 (/root/bin/ls) 401e20 strrchr@plt+0x0 (/root/bin/ls)
401b80 _init+0x18 (/root/bin/ls) 401e2b strrchr@plt+0xb (/root/bin/ls)
3430813850 _dl_runtime_resolve+0x0 (/lib64/ 401b86 _init+0x1e (/root/bin/ls)

It shows the tracee application's execution path.

- add source code path field, line number field ...etc.
- add record/report script to use easily and, show human-friendly output.
- filtering kernel functions using scripts

Changes in v4:
- add check routine to set correct perf_sample's header.

Changes in v3:
- remove the bug fix patch already fixed.
- unify the "[unknown]" expressions in perf-script.
- fix perf_event_header of BTS events.
- fix patch's descriptions

Changes in v2:
- add a bug fix patch that prints correct IP address
- output the magic word "(unknown)" as symbol name when perf-script can't
resolve symbols.
- output "[unknown]" as DSO name when perf-script can't resolve DSO path.
- change the way to output offset of symbols from '--show-symbol-offset' to
'offs' field.
- clean up codes.



Akihiro Nagai (5):
perf script: add option resolving vmlinux path
perf script: add the offset field specifier
perf script: enhance IP and ADDR correlate detection for BTS
perf: set correct value to perf_event_header.misc for BTS
perf-script: unify the expressions indicate "unknown"

arch/x86/kernel/cpu/perf_event_intel_ds.c | 31 +++++++++++++-------
tools/perf/Documentation/perf-script.txt | 5 +++
tools/perf/builtin-script.c | 45 +++++++++++++++++++----------
tools/perf/util/map.c | 15 ++++++++++
tools/perf/util/map.h | 1 +
tools/perf/util/session.c | 38 ++++++++----------------
tools/perf/util/session.h | 2 +
tools/perf/util/symbol.c | 20 +++++++++++++
tools/perf/util/symbol.h | 4 +++
9 files changed, 108 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

Akihiro Nagai (

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