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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: vmscan: deactivate isolated pages with lru lock released
Hi Hugh

Thanks for your comment.

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 6:33 AM, Hugh Dickins <> wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jan 2012, Hillf Danton wrote:
>> Spinners on other CPUs, if any, could take the lru lock and do their jobs while
>> isolated pages are deactivated on the current CPU if the lock is released
>> actively. And no risk of race raised as pages are already queued on locally
>> private list.
> You make a good point - except, I'm afraid as usual, I have difficulty
> in understanding your comment, in separating how it is before your change
> and how it is after your change.  Above you're describing how it is after
> your change; and it would help if you point out that you're taking the
> lock off clear_active_flags(), which goes all the way down the list of
> pages we isolated (to a locally private list, yes, important point).
> However... this patch is based on Linus's current, and will clash with a
> patch of mine presently in akpm's tree - which I'm expecting will go on
> to Linus soon, unless Andrew discards it in favour of yours (that might
> involve a little unravelling, I didn't look).  Among other rearrangements,
> I merged the code from clear_active_flags() into update_isolated_counts().
> And something that worries me is that you're now dropping the spinlock
> and reacquiring it shortly afterwards, just clear_active_flags in between.
> That may bounce the lock around more than before, and actually prove worse.

Yes, there is change introduced in locking behavior, and if it is already hot,
last acquiring it maybe a lucky accident due to that bounce(in your term).

The same lock is also encountered when isolating pages for migration, and I am
currently attempting to copy that lock mode to reclaim, based on the assumption
that bounce could be cured with bounce 8-) and preparing for incoming complains.

Though a hot lock, tiny window remains open for tiny tackle, for example the
attached diff.

--- a/mm/vmscan.c Thu Dec 29 20:20:16 2011
+++ b/mm/vmscan.c Thu Jan 12 20:48:42 2012
@@ -1032,6 +1032,12 @@ keep_lumpy:
return nr_reclaimed;

+static bool is_all_lru_mode(isolate_mode_t mode)
* Attempt to remove the specified page from its LRU. Only take this page
* if it is of the appropriate PageActive status. Pages which are being
@@ -1051,8 +1057,7 @@ int __isolate_lru_page(struct page *page
if (!PageLRU(page))
return ret;

- all_lru_mode = (mode & (ISOLATE_ACTIVE|ISOLATE_INACTIVE)) ==
+ all_lru_mode = is_all_lru_mode(mode);

* When checking the active state, we need to be sure we are
@@ -1155,6 +1160,13 @@ static unsigned long isolate_lru_pages(u
unsigned long nr_lumpy_dirty = 0;
unsigned long nr_lumpy_failed = 0;
unsigned long scan;
+ /* Try to save a few cycles mainly due to lru_lock held and irq off,
+ * no bother attempting pfn-based isolation if pages only on the given
+ * src list could be taken.
+ */
+ if (order && !is_all_lru_mode(mode))
+ order = 0;

for (scan = 0; scan < nr_to_scan && !list_empty(src); scan++) {
struct page *page;

> I suspect that your patch can be improved, to take away that worry.
> Why do we need to take the lock again?  Only to update reclaim_stat:
> for the other stats, interrupts disabled is certainly good enough,
> and more research might show that preemption disabled would be enough.
> get_scan_count() is called at the (re)start of shrink_mem_cgroup_zone(),
> before it goes down to do shrink_list()s: I think it would not be harmed
> at all if we delayed updating reclaim_stat->recent_scanned until the
> next time we take the lock, lower down.

Dunno how to handle the tons of __mod_zone_page_state() or similar without lock
protection 8-/ try to deffer updating reclaim_stat soon.

> Other things that strike me, looking here again: isn't it the case that
> update_isolated_counts() is actually called either for file or for anon,
> but never for both?

No, see the above diff please 8-)

> We might be able to make savings from that, perhaps
> enlist help from isolate_lru_pages() to avoid having to go down the list
> again to clear active flags.

Best regards
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