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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/7] Adding support to freeze and unfreeze a journal
    On 1/10/12 3:31 PM, Jan Kara wrote:
    > On Tue 10-01-12 14:20:23, Eric Sandeen wrote:


    >> Hrm let me think through this a little more; we actually do:
    >> t16) ext4_journal_start()
    >> t17) ext4_journal_start_sb()
    >> t18) handle = ext4_journal_current_handle();
    >> t19) if (!handle) vfs_check_frozen()
    >> t20) ... jbd2_journal_start()
    > Ah, right. I forgot.
    >> So actually we *do* block new handles, but let *existing* ones
    >> continue (see commits 6b0310fbf087ad6e9e3b8392adca97cd77184084
    >> and be4f27d324e8ddd57cc0d4d604fe85ee0425cba9)
    >> So your assertion that a new handle is started is incorrect
    >> in general, isn't it? So then does the fix seem necessary?
    >> Or, at least, in the fashion below - maybe we need to just make
    >> sure all started handles complete before the unlock_updates?
    >> Or am I missing something...?
    > Well, the problem with running operations and freezing is more
    > fundamental I believe. See my email
    > So I believe we'll need some better exclusion mechanism already in VFS.
    > Honza

    Yep, saw it, just wasn't sure if this patchset was still under active consideration.


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