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SubjectRE: [PATCH v6 05/10] crc32-misc-cleanup.diff
"Bob Pearson" <> wrote on 2011/09/07 18:30:31:
> >
> > The list of needed changes based on recent comments I am aware of are:
> > - put back in a couple of header files per Andrew
> > - fix the summary phrases to conform to coding standards per Andrew
> > - add signed off by for Joakim to patch 04/10 per Joakim
> > - fix bug in patch 06/10 noted in my email by passing bits as a parameter
> to
> > crc32_body
> Adding three additional changes:
> - update macro per Joakim
> - shorter generator code per George
> - remove unneeded local_irq_disable per Andrew
> Any more?

There was more in my comments. Don't you scroll through the whole reply
when you read it? Especially this one:
"BTW, is the 64 CRC bits on 32 bits BE arch bug fixed?"

> Can we finish crc32 before we start boiling the ocean with crc32c, crc16
> etc.? I am happy to pitch in on those but I would like to see something
> actually get done. I actually need this one.

Yes, lets get this cleared first. The other stuff depends on this.

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