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SubjectRe: [PATCH -next] x86 mrst: fix build error when X86_MRST is not enabled
> > This breaks Medfield so NAK
> >
> > The correct behaviour should be
> >
> > INTEL_MID defined -> mrst_cpu_chip has meaning
> > INTEL_MID not defined -> mrst_identify_chip is 0
> >
> > your change makes it 0 for Medfield which means it will crash on boot.
> Randy's patch is an attempt to fix Mathias's "x86: rtc: don't register
> a platform RTC device for Intel MID platforms".

NAK this.

> I'm tempted to do a mass droppage, but then some of the patches might
> get forever lost.

Randy's patch breaks Medfield, simply because he's seeing an incomplete
set of merges. The stuff the x86 maintainers were sent already deals with
this. It's all simply a case of waiting for the trees to get back into
sync, at which point platform/x86/mrst will get built for INTEL_MID
general case.

> Could we please get some x86 maintainers on deck??

Well currently is undeliverable so that won't help you.


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