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Subject[revised patches 25,26/26] dynamic_debug: add pr_fmt_*()
hi Joe,

Heres those pr_fmt_*() defns, added to printk.
While not essential, they do have a certain symmetry.

The biggest issue (still small) is that pr_fmt_debug() no longer has
different defns for DYNAMIC_DEBUG=y/n builds, so either y-builds get
KBUILD_MODNAME or n-builds dont. Users can add an #if-else to get
both defns, which is less action-at-a-distance, so seemed better
overall. We can revisit this later.

[PATCH 25/26] dynamic_debug: add pr_fmt_debug() for dynamic_pr_debug
[PATCH 26/26] scx200_acb: use pr_(info|warn|err|debug) and

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