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From status
Hi All,

As you know, we've been working very hard on building a new
infrastructure from the ground up. This new infrastructure will no
longer have shell access to the git repositories; instead we will be
running git using the gitolite web glue.

Gitolite uses ssh keys to push into it, so we will start sending out new
ssh credentials to the active developers who had accounts
before - please contact me or John so we can establish secure
communications (ideally through gpg keys).

One disadvantage of moving away from shell access is that gitolite has
very limited on-server scripting - so for those of you using git hooks
on, you'll need to investigate how scripting works in
gitolite before this will be functional. We are planning to get the
first trees up and running early next week with broader access happening
in early October.

We will be bringing up additional developer services later, as resources
permit and we can do so securely.

We understand that the outage has inconvenienced each of
you as well as the larger Linux community. And, adjusting to the
new tools will take some additional time and hassle. We apologize for
that. But I want to assure you that getting the
development machines back up is the highest priority of



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