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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/3] arm/tegra: Move EN_VDD_1V05_GPIO to board-harmony.h
Russell King - ARM Linux wrote at Thursday, September 22, 2011 2:12 AM:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 01:16:49PM -0700, Olof Johansson wrote:
> > Works for me. Or I could stage it in a topic branch that would be
> > merged after Russell's GPIO tree.
> Holding stuff off from being merged doesn't work.


So I take it I should add the two ack'd patches to the ARM patch system,
and have you pick them up?


> If you have the following commit structure:
> A---...-----M1-B-C-M2
> +---A1-B1-C1' /
> +-A2-B2-C2-------'
> Now, lets say A2 depends on C1. Merely delaying the stuff so that M2
> happens after M1 is insufficient to ensure git state doesn't break.
> When bisecting, its entirely possible that the bisect algorithm may
> chose B2 as a potential test candidate. At that point you end up with
> A2, but without C1.
> The only way to solve this is to have A2 following on from C1 - which
> of course requires A1..C1 to be declared stable and either pulled into
> your local tree or for A2..C2 to be submitted to the same tree which
> A1..C1 are already in.


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