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SubjectRe: [patch, v2] aio: allocate kiocbs in batches
Andrew Morton <> writes:

> On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:16:00 -0400
> Jeff Moyer <> wrote:
>> +/*
>> + * struct kiocb's are allocated in batches to reduce the number of
>> + * times the ctx lock is acquired and released.
>> + */
>> +#define KIOCB_BATCH_SIZE 32
>> +struct kiocb_batch {
>> + struct list_head head;
>> + long total; /* number of requests passed to sys_io_submit */
>> + long allocated; /* number of requests allocated so far */
>> +};
> I don't see a reason why `total' and `allocated' need to be 64-bit.
> Making them 32-bit results in smaller code, smaller storage, smaller
> d-cache footprint, etc.
> Also, they should logically be unsigned types.

The number of iocbs passed into sys_io_submit is of type long, and so
the total and the number allocated need to be of the same size. I
considered unsigned, but seeing as the value would be capped at long, I
didn't see a real compelling reason to switch to unsigned.

Now, I suppose I could do with a single variable there, and just
decrement it as kiocbs are allocated.

>> +static int kiocb_batch_refill(struct kioctx *ctx, struct kiocb_batch *batch)
>> +{
>> + int i;
>> + int to_alloc, avail;
>> + bool called_fput = false;
>> + struct kiocb *req, *n;
>> + struct aio_ring *ring;
>> +
>> + to_alloc = min(batch->total - batch->allocated, KIOCB_BATCH_SIZE);
> And this generates a compile-time warning due to the long/int mismatch.
> Did your compiler not warn here? (And why did `to_alloc' and `i' get
> to be `int'? The type choices are chaotic in there!)

Oops, I missed the warning. to_alloc and i won't be very big, since
they are capped at KIOCB_BATCH_SIZE. I could use an unsigned short.

> I'd suggest going with "unsigned" for `total' and `allocated', and make
> KIOCB_BATCH_SIZE 32U. Then have a think about the appropriate types
> for the derived locals such as `i', `to_alloc' and `avail'.

As mentioned above, I'd like to stick with signed types, and I'll use
just a single long for the number of kiocbs left to allocate.

>> + spin_unlock_irq(&ctx->ctx_lock);
>> + kunmap_atomic(ring);
> And there's a bug. We need to maintain the thread's atomic state
> across the kunmap_atomic(). This should have caused a might_sleep()
> runtime warning from kunmap_atomic()'s smp_processor_id() (at least).
> That's assuming you tested on a 32-bit highmem box and were able to
> exercise this codepath, neither of which seems likely ;)

I'll fix it. You are right, I didn't test 32-bit highmem....

>> ...
> I wouldn't want to do the long->unsigned conversion without runtime
> testing it so can you please do a v3?

No problem.


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