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SubjectRe: Questions for dummy codec driver

On 09/21/2011 08:56 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 10:23:18AM +0800, Leo Yan wrote:
>> I have a question for the dummy codec.
> Don't start new threads by randomly replying to unrelated mails.

Sorry for that :-), the alsa-devel is the unrelated mailing list, right?
if so, i will note for that later.

>> As you know, sometimes maybe we only need set the timing from the
>> processor, and codec just only need tx/rx data; So there do not need
>> the codec driver.
> Even a dumb CODEC will have some constraints on things like the sample
> rates it can support which need to be conveyed to the framework and
> ideally the audio routing out of the CODEC should be visible for
> integration with any external output drivers or similar.

Get it.

On our platform, there have some devices (like hdmi/bt) do not need
config from the CODEC driver, they have their own s/w stack and
interface to configure; for the audio driver, just need to set the
I2S/PCM timing for them. So if there have a common dummy codec driver,
then it can meet our requirement well. Otherwise, there will have some
duplicate codes for these dummy codecs.

>> After browser the code, there have NO such a dummy codec driver; and
>> for soc-core, there have not such flags to support this situation.
>> Only what i get is sound/soc/codecs/spdif_transciever.c, but it's
>> specific for TI's DaVinci platform.
> Not at all, what makes you believe that it is platform specific?

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