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Subjectlinux-next: tmem: temporary home for tmem.git tree (for frontswap, which is the final core kernel patchset for tmem)
Hi Stephen --

There's a few tweaks in the tmem/frontswap patchset (for which
the current version was last pulled into linux-next from
Changes are mostly cosmetic and mostly in response to feedback from
Andrew Morton, with a bit of patchset restructuring suggested by
Konrad Wilk. I've been hoping that would come back up
but if it's not too much trouble to switch temporarily, please
switch tmem to:


I would appreciate having the exposure on the latest bits
before the 3.2 merge window.


Thanks... for the memory!
I really could use more / my throughput's on the floor
The balloon is flat / my swap disk's fat / I've OOM's in store
Overcommitted so much
(with apologies to Bob Hope)

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