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SubjectRe: [PATCH] user namespace: usb: make usb urbs user namespace aware (v2)
On 09/21, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> Add to the dev_state and alloc_async structures the user namespace
> corresponding to the uid and euid. Pass these to kill_pid_info_as_uid(),
> which can then implement a proper, user-namespace-aware uid check.

Looks correct.

But I have off-topic question. And in fact I am a bit confused,
please help.

First of all, I assume that CLONE_NEWUSER is the only way to change
->user_ns, right?

And, looking at copy_creds() I think that cred->user_ns is always
equal to cred->user->user_ns. However, grep shows a lot of
cred->user->user_ns examples. Why?

> +static int kill_as_cred_perm(const struct cred *cred,
> + struct task_struct *target)
> +{
> + const struct cred *pcred = __task_cred(target);
> + if (cred->user_ns != pcred->user_ns)
> + return 0;

Should we really fail if cred->user_ns == pcred->user_ns->creator ?
(or creator of creator, etc).

IOW, shouldn't this match kill_ok_by_cred() path which (at least
cap_capable) checks the ->creator chain when ->user_ns differ?


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