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SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/10] hwspinlock/core/omap: fix id issues on multiple hwspinlock devices
* Ohad Ben-Cohen <> [110912 09:14]:
> hwspinlock devices provide system-wide hardware locks that are used
> by remote processors that have no other way to achieve synchronization.
> For that to work, each physical lock must have a system-wide unique id
> number that all processors are familiar with, otherwise they can't
> possibly assume they're using the same hardware lock.
> Usually SoCs have a single hwspinlock device, which provides several
> hwspinlocks, and in this case, they can be trivially numbered 0 to
> (num-of-locks - 1).
> In case boards have several hwspinlocks devices (each of which
> providing numerous hardware spinlocks) a different base id should be
> used for each hwspinlock device (they can't all use 0 as a starting
> id!).
> While this is certainly not common, it's just plain wrong to just
> silently use 0 as a base id whenever the hwspinlock driver is probed.
> This patch provides a hwspinlock_pdata structure, that boards can use
> to set a different base id for each of the hwspinlock devices they may
> have, and demonstrates how to use it with the omap hwspinlock driver
> (ultimately it will be DT which will supply this base_id information).
> While we're at it, make sure the hwspinlock core prints an explicit
> error message in case an hwspinlock is registered with an id number
> that already exists; this will help users catch such base id issues.
> Reported-by: Arnd Bergmann <>
> Signed-off-by: Ohad Ben-Cohen <>

Acked-by: Tony Lindgren <>

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