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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] GIC OF bindings
> Just out of curiosity where does this "interrupt-parent" property
> come from?
> On platforms I am familiar with, the parent path is walked to the root
> and we stop at device nodes that have "interrupt-map" and
> "interrupt-map-mask" properties.

"interrupt-parent" is defined in the Open Firmware "interrupt mapping"
recommended practice, the same place as "interrupt-map" etc. are.

> The mechanism shown here seems overly simplistic and not able to
> handle
> the cases handled by existing OF property schemes in use for several
> years on real systems.

"interrupt-parent" is only meant to be used for the simple cases. It's
quite handy there. It is also required in all "interrupt-controller"
nodes that aren't the root of the interrupt tree.


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