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SubjectRe: [RFC v2.1 0/6] evm: digital signature verification extension
On Tue, 2011-09-13 at 17:20 +0300, Dmitry Kasatkin wrote: 
> Hello,
> Changes to version 2.0:
> - MPI patch has been split to smaller in order to go to mailing lists.
> First 2 patches include only source and header files which are needed
> to build ksign verification. Headers and sources are split just to
> meet 100k limit.
> Last patch adds all rest soures from original ported MPI library.
> Changes to version 1.1:
> - GnuPG MPI library has been refactored with lindent and checkpatch errors
> and warnings has been fixed.
> - creation of evm keyring has been remove. It is done now in user space.
> - related ksign and evm patches has been squashed.
> - patch descriptions has been updated.
> As EVM patches were recently merged to security-testing-2.6#next,
> it is a good time to resend evm signature verification patches for active
> discussion. Last time I forgot --cc linux-crypto. Here it is.
> This patchset introduces digital signature extensions for the IMA/EVM kernel
> integrity subsystem and is applied on the top of the EVM patches posted to
> LSM mailing list earlier.

Hi Herbert

Back in March 2011, in preparation for EVM, Dmitry posted the GnuPG MPI
library patch here on linux-crypto. The reason given for not upstreaming
the MPI library, at the time, was for lack of an in kernel user
With the recent merging of the EVM patches in linux-next, via
security-testing-2.6/#next, that is changing. Any chance of re-opening
the discussion?



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