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SubjectRe: [-v3 PATCH 0/3] Persistent device name using alias
Hi Valdis,

(2011/08/31 5:02), wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Aug 2011 21:54:29 +0900, Nao Nishijima said:
>> A kernel device names (e.g. sda) is not useful information because it
>> doesn't always point the same disk at each boot-up time.
> If this is important to you, can't you use a udev rule, similar to what most
> distros already stick in 70-persistent-net.rules and 70-persistent-cd.rules?
> (Yes, this *does* involve finding a UUID or label or something on the disk
> that you can identify as "same entity as last time".

As you said, it is able to identify a disk at the expense of checking
cost. However to introduce "alias" is an advantage of reducing both the
cost and the risk of miss-communication, and it can easily identify it.

And also, currently, kernel log and command output do not accord with
the device name which a user uses (e.g. by-id, by-uuid). I would try to
solve those mismatches using "alias". In other words, I'd like to
introduce aliases for integrating the name of devices to control and record.

Of course I will modify commands using a device name to use a persistent
device names.

Best regards,

Software Platform Research Dept. Linux Technology Center
Hitachi, Ltd., YOKOHAMA Research Laboratory
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