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    SubjectRe: SDHCI regression since 2.6.39
    On 09/14/2011 06:48 AM, Chris Ball wrote:
    > Long shot, but did you try removing power completely between the
    > reboots? I wonder if the PCI config space write patch could be (a)
    > bogus for your device, and (b) preserved across warm reboot by your
    > PCI hardware. So, you could just try removing the battery and PSU,
    > hitting the power button a few times with them unplugged to discharge
    > caps, and then boot into the old kernel again.

    I powered it off with battery unplugged for about an hour, and rebooted
    into the known-working kernel, making sure that any fancy power mgmt
    features were disabled (like aspm), but it still failed in the same way.

    I'm wondering if it's simply something like the socket has failed, and
    one or more of the terminals isn't connecting to the card? Though that
    would only show problems on card insertion, but I gather the driver is
    having problems from the moment it detects the controller?


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