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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/8] Input: elantech: add support for newer hardware
Op 05-09-11 04:16, JJ Ding schreef:
> Hi Lists,
> This is a series of patches to add support for newer generations of ELAN
> touchpad.
> Patches #1~#6 are essentially fixes and cleanups that pave the way for
> patch #7 and patch #8, which really adds code for v3 and v4 hardware.
> Any comments, suggestoins are welcome.
> Please take a look at patch #8, which adds support for the latest touchpads from ELAN.
> It is a true multi-touch capable touchpad that can track up to 5 fingers.
> Support is implemented using MT-B protocol. I used synaptics and multitouch X
> driver to test this driver, both worked fine.
I've tested this series (plus the patch for debounce packet on v2) on my
old v2 hardware, and it worked fine :-)


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