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    SubjectLinux 3.1-rc1
    It's been slightly over two weeks, but I decided that I wanted to do
    the release from home rather than from vacation, so you guys got a few
    extra days of merging. And some of you took advantage of it too. Tssk,

    Anyway, 3.1 is shaping up to be a pretty normal release. Almost 75% of
    the patch is in drivers, 12% arch updates, and the rest miscellaneous:
    fs, net, Documentation.

    Of the drivers, about 40% is in staging, 20% networking, and 10%
    sound. With scsi, media, etc bringing up the rear. A good chunk of it
    was cleanups. And the good news is that the bulk of staging was
    removal. The bad news is that we sure made up for it in other areas ;)

    Notable? It depends on what you look for. VM writeback work? You got
    it. And there was some controversy over the iscsi target code. There's
    networking changes, there's the rest of the generic ACL support moving
    into the VFS layer proper, simplifying the filesystem code that was
    often cut-and-paste duplicated boiler plate. And making us faster at
    doing it at the same time. And there are power management interface

    But there's nothing *huge* here. Looks like a fairly normal release,
    as I said. Unless I've forgotten something.

    Go out and test it. Oh, except right now you are probably better off
    not enabling SLUB debugging unless you want to help test it.


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