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    SubjectRe: Crash when suspending Lenovo T510 laptop (
    On Friday, August 05, 2011, Jesper Juhl wrote:
    > Hi
    > I just experienced a kernel crash when trying to suspend my Lenovo
    > Thinkpad T510 (model 4384-GJG) laptop.
    > Normally I just shut the lid and the little moon icon lights up telling me
    > that the laptop has suspended. This time was different; the moon icon
    > didn't light up as it usually does, so I opened the lid again and found a
    > kernel crash dump on the screen. The machine was completely dead at this
    > point, so all I could do was take a photo of the screen - nothing had made
    > it to the log files either (checked after a reboot).
    > The image I took of the screen with the crash info is available here:
    > The kernel version is
    > The kernel config is attached as ''
    > The distribution is Arch Linux 64bit.
    > Here is a partial transcript of the image (typed in manually, so check the
    > image if you suspect an error - I also left out function addresses/offsets
    > and other details before/after the backtrace to save me some typing, so
    > check the image for the full details) :
    > Call Trace:
    > ? wq_worker_sleeping
    > schedule
    > ? cfq_put_queue
    > ? cic_free_func
    > ? kmem_cache_free
    > ? put_io_context
    > do_exit
    > oops_end
    > die
    > do_trap
    > do_invalid_op
    > ? free_msi_irqs
    > ? find_busiest_group
    > ? pci_conf1_write
    > pci_disable_msi
    > e1000e_reset_interrupt_capabillity
    > __e1000_runtime_suspend
    > ? __switch_to
    > pci_pm_runtime_suspend
    > ? pci_legacy_suspend_late
    > rpm_callback
    > ? schedule
    > rpm_suspend
    > ? linkwatch_do_dev
    > ? pm_schedule_suspend
    > pm_runtime_work
    > process_one_work
    > worker_thread
    > ? manage_workers.isra.29
    > kthread
    > kernel_thread_helper
    > ? kthread_worker
    > ? gs_change
    > I've not experienced this before with this kernel, nor with earlier or
    > newer ones, so it's not exactely reproducible on demand, so it's anyones
    > guess when this was introduced (or if it's been there for ages, just
    > triggers rarely)...
    > One detail that may be relevant; normally when I suspend the laptop I do
    > so before unplugging any cables or suspend after not having anything
    > plugged in for ages (or at all). This time I was in a hurry, so I quickly
    > unplugged the power, 3 usb cables and the ethernet cable and then quickly
    > slammed the lid shut. Not sure if that has an impact on triggering this
    > though. I tried reproducing that scenario 4-5 times, but the laptop
    > suspended fine when I did that.
    > If you require further information then please let me know and I'll be
    > happy to provide it.
    > I'll of course try to submit more details if it happens again, but if
    > someone has a good guess as to how to provoke it or an idea for a fix I'd
    > sure like to know.

    I don't know how to fix it yet, but I think I know what the problem is.
    Namely, a runtime suspend of the Ethernet adapter as occured in parallel with
    the system-wide suspend and they clashed. The runtime suspend has probably
    been provoked by detaching the Ethernet cable from the box.


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