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Subject[RFC 000/118] drbd: part 1 of adding multiple volume support to drbd
This the first request for review of drbd-8.4. The complete set has 
500 patches. In this first series there are only 118 of these.

The most noticeable change is the support for multiple replicated volumes in
a single DRBD connection. Write-ordering is obeyed among all writes in all
volumes in a single connection. This feature is really important for users
who use DRBD for mirroring over longer distances. (Protocol A).

0001 - 0012 cleanups
0013 - 0026 replace the hash tables of drbd_requests with two interval trees
0027 have a look at the idr_for_each_entry(). Outside of drbd's directory.
0028 - 0035 introduced a new object which represents a DRBD connection;
move a view members from the device object to the new conenction
0036 - 0041 Introduce volume numbers into the protocol
0042 - 0052 cleanups; renames;
0053 Improvements to handling of conflicting writes
0054 - 0060 cleanups; renames;
0061 - 0064 code reorganisation
0065 IO latency bugfix
0066 - 0099 moving members from the device object to the connection object;
converting function from the device object to the connection obj
0100 - 0118 work on the state engine to match the new object model

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