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SubjectRe: Future of the -longterm kernel releases (i.e. how we pick them).
On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 10:26:54PM -0700, Daniel Taylor wrote:
> For embedded systems, which often have multi- (not just two-) year
> warranties, it sounds like we would then be maintaining the -longterm
> ourselves. The "easy" side of this is that embedded systems don't
> (usually) have users trying to plug in the latest and greatest widget,
> except on external busses, such as USB. So back-porting drivers is
> not generally a big deal. Security patches, OTOH, are a real concern.
> Other than net and drivers/net, which are exposed to non-local attacks,
> are there other subsystems we should watch for security fixes? There
> have, for example, been a lot of security upgrades in /sys, but there's
> also been a lot of restructing for new interfaces and "arch" models,
> which would make back-porting those much more complicated.

You should watch out for all bugfixes, that's the only way to have a
chance at catching all of the issues.

good luck,

greg k-h

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