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Subjectlinux-next changes
Hi all,

Noone seems to have noticed, but I have mode the following changes to the
linux-next repository on

git:// now
contains just the last 90 (or so) linux-next trees. I have removed the
"history" branch from this tree as it was serving no real purpose. You
can fetch a particular tree by using its name as a tag. It is now aonly
about 40MB relative to Linus' tree (as opposed to 300M for the complete

I have put the old tree into
which I will keep maintaining with the new trees, but is just there for
historical purposes. It also no longer has the "history" branch.

If anyone had a tree left over that referenced linux-next through an
alternate, then you should probably change that to reference
linux-next-history until you have fixed it to not reference it at all.
Stephen Rothwell
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